AVON Selling Tips

Top AVON Selling Tips for the Summer Holidays If you are a parent, you will know that there are certain challenges over the Summer Holidays….with the children off school, juggling your usual routines and perhaps going away on holiday.  There is so much to think about. Hence, I’ve have done a quick video on my top AVON selling tips for …

Sarah HenshallAVON Selling Tips

AVON Raffle Prize

What to do when you are asked to provide an AVON Raffle Prize Quite often as an AVON Representative you may be approached by your children’s PTA, a local school or charity to provide an AVON Raffle prize for their event.  This is a fantastic opportunity to support your local community as well as a great opportunity to find new …

Sarah HenshallAVON Raffle Prize

Making the Most of AVON Flyers

How to Make the Most of AVON Flyers If you are already an AVON Representative, you may notice that from time to time AVON Flyers are sent free of charge in your order boxes.  They do not come every campaign, but often with launches of new products, fantastic offers or special events.   We have recently had Jubilee Flyers and …

Sarah HenshallMaking the Most of AVON Flyers

How to make the most of the next 3-6 weeks

Increase your Earnings with AVON Get the inside scoop on how to increase your earnings with AVON during Brochure 8 and Brochure 9 with Sarah. Grab a quick cuppa and have a watch of the video –  lots of tips, hints and ideas to for you to get your sales rocketing during AVON Campaign 8 and AVON Campaign 9.  

Sarah HenshallHow to make the most of the next 3-6 weeks

Demonstrating the Product | demonstrating AVON products

Demonstrating AVON Products – Have some fun A great way of boosting sales is by demonstrating AVON Products to customers, friends and family.  Luckily we have products which are fun, fashionable and easy to wear – whether you like wearing make-up, wearing jewellery, wearing a fragrance, a handbag fan…..you name it.  There are even products for our male representatives to …

Sarah HenshallDemonstrating the Product | demonstrating AVON products

Christmas Sales Tips | AVON Sales

AVON Sales Tips Many people ask me “Should I put my AVON brochures out between Christmas & New Year?” and the answer to this is ABSOLUTELY YES.  Let me explain a few things which will help you be successful with your AVON Sales and your AVON Income. Why is the time after Christmas & Before New Year so good for …

Sarah HenshallChristmas Sales Tips | AVON Sales

Keeping Track of Your Business | AVON Business

Keeping Track of Your AVON Business I know that I am an Accountant, so keeping track of my AVON Business is in my blood.  It is a task that I enjoy doing, because I have an analytic mind.  However, I appreciate that not everyone thinks in the same way as me!  Hence, the blog post, as I thought it would …

Sarah HenshallKeeping Track of Your Business | AVON Business

Book Recommendations Starting a Business | AVON business

My Book Recommendations Starting an AVON Business I am a bit of a book nerd when it comes to “how to” books and perhaps the odd chick-lit. Seriously, I believe that it is important to study – and what you study you become.  With that in mind, I’ve got a few book recommendations for you when you are starting an …

Sarah HenshallBook Recommendations Starting a Business | AVON business