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Become an AVON Sales Leader

If you enjoy working with people, you are enthusiastic and you want a change and a challenge – take a look at AVON Sales Leadership.

What do you do as an AVON Sales Leader?

salesleadercircle AVON Sales LeaderAs an AVON Sales Leader you recruit, train and develop your own team of Independent AVON Representatives and Independent Sales Leaders.   As you build your team, your income will grow too.

In a nutshell:  You are finding people who want to earn extra income, showing them how to get started and build a customer base, then some of your team will want to do what you are doing and so you show them what you have been shown.

You can build a team anywhere you wish to across the whole of the UK.


You can fit it around existing work or home commitments, building a profitable second income in the evenings and weekends.  Equally you can build a huge network with unlimited growth and potential income with hard work and determination.  The beauty is that the choice is yours. 

How much do you earn as a Sales Leader?

This will depend on how much time and effort you put into your business. You can currently earn up to 12% of your team’s net sales, depending on the size and structure of your team.  We will gladly help you put a plan together based on the income you would like to earn.

There is also an exciting bonus package where you are able to earn up to £1,000 bonus in your 1st 6 campaigns (this is circa 18 weeks) and up to £4,000 in your 1st 18 campaigns (1st full year) and there are other bonuses for established AVON Sales Leaders too.

Currently the AVON Leadership model is being reviewed and is changing in Summer 2014.  In essence the model is changing to 12 titles (rather than the current 4 levels we have) split across 4 levels:  Coordinators, Leaders, Executive Leaders & VIP.   Please contact me direct for the latest information and explanation of the plan.

Find out more about being an AVON Sales Leader

If you have specific questions or are ready to get started, please get in touch with me.

Feel free to follow me and keep up to date with me on Social Media.  Also, please do have a look around this website and blog for more inspiration and information about becoming an AVON Sales Leader.


Sarah HenshallAVON Sales Leader