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Become an AVON Representative

Show, Sell & Share the fantastic AVON brochures with your Friends, Family, Work Colleagues, Locally and online – it’s as simple as that.

When you decide to become an AVON Representative we will coach and guide you to success with your AVON business.

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Become an AVON Representative – The Benefits

  • You can choose when you work AVON around your existing lifestyle
  • You will be given full support, training and guidance by Sarahs Reps – to help you maximise YOUR earnings around YOUR life.
  • Meet new people and make new friends.  You will become part of the AVON community as well as making new friends locally.
  • You get your own AVON products at a discount.

How much do I earn as an AVON Representative?

The amount you will earn will depend on you – the more customers you have the more you earn.  We will work with you to find as many customers as you want – showing you lots of great ideas to finding new customers as well as keeping existing customers happy.

  • Orders over £80 attract a 20% discount from the brochure price
  • Orders over £150 attract a 25% discount from the brochure price

The chart below shows how much you would earn every 3 weeks based on the number of customers you serve.  My personal average order is around £10 per customer.

saleschart AVON Representative


How Much does it Cost to Become an AVON Representative?

When you become an AVON representative you are given all the tools you need to get off to a great start for free.  You can also work towards getting samples and products for free using the great Smart Start programme that AVON run.  This will be explained when you start.  

  • There is nothing to pay upfront when we come out to see you to get you started. You will be given all the tools to get started for your 1st two orders. (initial brochures, order forms, calling book and training support)
  • There is a £16 registration fee – but this is put on your first 2 invoices –  split £10 on your 1st invoice and £6 on your 2nd invoice.
  • You do have to buy your brochures for your 3rd order and beyond – but these are only pennies each.
  • Your on-time delivery (on orders over £15) and internet site are all FREE.

How do I Join AVON?

Visit our online application form for AVON. There is no obligation whatsoever. After you have filled out your details, someone will call you back to arrange bringing your brochures and going through your initial training.  Alternatively if you still have questions you can call us FREE on 0800 118 5411. We look forward to helping you become an AVON Representative.


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