Working Around Little Ones

Working Around Little Ones I know as a working mum of toddler twins, life can be a bit of a juggle to say the least.  Let’s be honest….it’s chaos, but in a good way most of the time.    I have been fortunate enough to have been able to work from home around the twins since they were 7 months …

Sarah HenshallWorking Around Little Ones

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

How to Clean Makeup Brushes It’s amazing how easy it is to neglect your makeup brushes.  As as result, the brushes can get full of dirt and bacteria, which is not good for your skin.  It shouldn’t be when you start to break-out in spots (or worse) that you do something about it.  However, I know as a busy mum …

Sarah HenshallHow to Clean Makeup Brushes

How to Make Money From Facebook

How to Make Money From Facebook This is a question we are being increasingly asked by our AVON representatives and Sales Leaders.  I thought I would spend a little time explaining some ways on how to make money from Facebook. Facebook is massive. FACT. We are in business, so we want to make money. FACT. Hence, if we can combine …

Sarah HenshallHow to Make Money From Facebook

For YOUR Nails

For YOUR Nails Coming to your front-room in the next few weeks – exclusively for YOUR Nails – will be AVON’s Nailstore promotional brochure.  It is only a small brochure but it is packed with products, advice and ideas for your nails.  The offers in the brochure are really simple – buy 4 products for £10.  Compared to the high …

Sarah HenshallFor YOUR Nails

Speak out against Domestic Violence

AVON Speak out against Domestic Violence AVONUK and the charity Refuge went to Number 10 Downing Street in December 2010 to hand out their SPEAK OUT petition to the government.   httpv:// (Courtesy of iavonuk)

Sarah HenshallSpeak out against Domestic Violence

Britains Got Talent

Britains Got Talent I am absolutely loving Britains Got Talent this year – to be fair I shielded myself from the audition stage – and have just tuned in for the BGT Semi Finals….which is complemented by the “Coronation Street Week” in the middle all this week. What I love about Britains Got Talent is that there are all sorts …

Sarah HenshallBritains Got Talent

How to Apply Eyeliner

How to Apply Eyeliner in 3 easy steps Once you know how to apply eyeliner, it’s a really easy thing to do.  I follow a simple 3 step process.  My focus is getting my look done quickly, so I can go out there and enjoy myself.  Using eyeliner really can set off a look and it’s just as fashionable today …

Sarah HenshallHow to Apply Eyeliner


Lipgloss This little tube of magic can really transform your look.  It is a beauty secret which is known to the celebs and to the most recent Royal Bride.  If it’s good enough for Kate Middleton, then it’s good enough for me! Not only does it keep your lips moist but it can really enhance a natural and youthful look. …

Sarah HenshallLipgloss

How to be a Stay at Home Mum

How to be a Stay At Home Mum …….and still pay the bills When you start the motherhood journey, I think most women think about whether they should be a Stay at Home Mum or go back to work.  I know that when I found out I was pregnant, I had that huge debate in my head.  I don’t think …

Sarah HenshallHow to be a Stay at Home Mum

How to get a Perfect Rear

How to get a Perfect Rear This is a question that many of want to know the answer to.  Over the last few days Twitter and Facebook have been extremely busy on this topic.   Ultimately, the Perfect Rear is down to great genes….but we’re not all blessed with that. Of course exercise and a healthy diet are both essentials …

Sarah HenshallHow to get a Perfect Rear