AVON AF33 the Wrinkle Fighter

What’s all the noise about AVON AF33 the Wrinkle Fighter?

If you are anything like my AVON customers, you will have heard already about AVON AF33….it’s been in the newspapers, magazines, websites and even on day-time TV.  So what is all this all about and how can you get it?

What is AVON AF33 – ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment?

Well it’s a Wrinkle Fighter!  It is a lightweight gel-lotion formulated with patented* A-F33 (Amino -Fill) for AVON’s ultimate in fighting fine and deep wrinkles.  Smooth over face and neck every morning & evening , and then massage on your favourite ANEW day or night cream.

-US patent – all cosmetic product results are achieved with continued use.


How to get your hands on the AVON AF33?

It has already sold out on the AVON Shop – so you need to buy it through your AVON Representative.

The AVON AF33 is on a fabulous introductory price of £20 – this also includes a FREE beauty bonus pack.  It will be available from Campaign 16 onwards.

If you would like to pre-order your own bottle of AVON AF33 – please contact me at info@sarahsreps.co.uk.  Equally if you would like to see a brochure get in touch too.

Why not even consider becoming an AVON Representative yourself (apply on the form on the right hand side) and you will get great discounts on not only AF-33 but also all our fabulous products.

preorderaf33 AVON AF33 the Wrinkle Fighter

I have been on the trial for the AVON AF33 and I can say it’s incredible.

Sarah HenshallAVON AF33 the Wrinkle Fighter