Find out more about the new AVON Skin So Soft range

Find out more about the new AVON Skin So Soft range

AVON Skin So Soft range has been a best seller across the world since it’s launch in 1961.  The range has been updated to include luxurious oils for a more opulent skin softening experience, still at that great affordable everyday price.  Let me spend some time to introduce you to the new collection…….

AVON Skin So Soft Original Dry Body Oil Spray

avonskinsosoft Find out more about the new AVON Skin So Soft rangeI am mentioning this top AVON product first, as it is one of my best sellers as an AVON Representative.  It is a great spray oil which leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.  Also, a lot of people use it when they go on holidays too.  I have heard that there are lots of “unofficial” uses for this spray.  Personally, I love using it on holiday to keep my legs and arms moisturised and looking shiny. (without any greasy residue)

It is now with jojoba oil but still works and feels amazing on your skin.  The new packaging and bottle is on the left hand side of the picture.  It is available in the latest AVON Brochure or online.



AVON Skin So Soft Ranges

Here are the new ranges in brief:

  • Firming & Restoring – This rejuvenates and improves the texture of ageing skin and is with babassu oil.
  • Silky Moisture – restores and replenishes dry skin’s essential moisture with argan oil.
  • Original – maintains skin’s natural moisture with jojoba oil.
  • Soft & Smooth – helps to leave skin lusciously soft, smooth and hair-free with meadow foam oil.

The Fusions Satin Sheer Oils, MineralGems Glamourous Gold and SilkyMoisture dry oil spray are still with the same beauty formulas.

There are lots of different products within the AVON Skin So Soft range – from oils, hand creams, deodoarants, body wash, hair removal cream, body lotions and many more different products.  Find the latest deals and offers on the AVON Skin So Soft Range in your latest AVON brochure.

Sarah HenshallFind out more about the new AVON Skin So Soft range