AVON UK Awards

AVON UK Awards

We were extremely lucky to go to the recent Live Your Dream Sales Leader Conference in Birmingham.  This was an event to launch all the exciting plans and products over the next few months as well as celebrating all the Sales Leader Successes over the year.

We are delighted to announce that SarahsReps won 3 awards at Live Your Dream 2012.

  • Highest Downline Growth (Established) Advanced Level
  • Highest Downline Growth (Established) Executive Level
  • 2nd Place in Dreams of Gold Advanced Level –  Winning £1,000 in Love to Choose Vouchers

You may well be wondering what these awards are for….so let me explain a bit more.

Highest Downline Growth (Established) – this is awarded for the person who has the most growth in AVON Sales Leaders over the past year in the whole company at each level of the commission structure.  The established bit means that we’ve been AVON Sales Leaders more than 1 year.

2nd Place in Dreams of Gold – there was an incentive running based around recruiting and retaining new representatives along with growing new Sales Leaders.  Tony came 2nd in the whole company at Advanced level.

Although we worked hard to achieve these awards personally, our success is down to our whole team, who are totally amazing.

AVON Sales Leadership is a fabulous opportunity and we love the fact we can work around our small children.



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