AVON Challenge Packs

How to Use and Make the Most of AVON Challenge Packs

Here at SarahsReps, we use many different methods to find new team members.  I am not particularly pushy or “sell-sell-sell” in my approach to finding new team members.  I know that works for some people, but not me.   I find that it is not worth trying to “persuade” someone to do something that they either (a) don’t want to do or (b) haven’t had a chance to think about doing.

One method that I find really successful when finding new team members is using the AVON Challenge Packs.  These are “Try It” kits which enables prospects to take a few brochures home with them and “have a look” at and have a go at gathering some orders.

It is one step on from just handing out a leaflet or flyer.  I find it works great with people who are not quite sure whether they want to start with AVON and need some time to have a think about it.  Also, it’s great for anyone who wants to become your customer too.

How do the AVON Challenge Packs work?

I have got a picture below of what I use for my AVON Challenge Packs.  You could design your own Challenge Pack Note with instructions on what to do….the key is to keep it simple.

Also, you don’t want your prospect to have to lug around a load of brochures – so I simply use 3-5 brochures and pop these along with order forms, some samples and the note in an AVON Carrier Bag…..so it’s easy to carry.



Getting the Most from AVON Challenge Packs

The key to any prospecting activity is to do a lot of it – to get a lot of results.  The same is true of AVON Challenge Packs.  They are really simple and inexpensive to make up.  Also, you can keep them in your car or in your bag for those chance meetings.

Personally, I make up around 15 AVON Challenge Packs a week (unless I am doing an event – where I will prepare more) – this means that I will look to hand out approximately 3 a day.  When it’s broken down like that, it really isn’t a lot.

I always like to get contact details so I can do a follow up call with the prospect a couple of days later.  I leave them with all my details, but it is nice to give them a call to see how they are getting on.   Sometimes I find that they don’t want to become an AVON Representative but they do want to become an AVON Customer.  Again, this is great news for me.

I really hope you have found this useful, and Good Luck with your AVON Challenge Packs.

Sarah HenshallAVON Challenge Packs