Want to Order AVON online in the UK?

Want to Order AVON online in the UK?

You can now Order AVON online with your AVON Representative via their own Personal Online Brochure as well as with the traditional paper AVON brochure.

This is brilliant as you can view the latest and order AVON  online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with your AVON representative via the internet.  Your order will go direct to your AVON representative.

Here is a short video that I’ve recorded which explains how to Order AVON Online in the UK


There are lots of benefits to ordering AVON online including:

  • View the brochure when you want
  • Share the brochure with your friends
  • Get the latest deals, products and offers exactly the same as the paper AVON brochure
  • Benefit from the personal service of having an AVON Representative
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No need to “remember to put the book out” for your AVON representative to collect your order – you can send your representative your order electronically
  • Search for your favourite product and it will find it quickly for you (if it is in the brochure)
The AVON Online Brochure does not replace the paper AVON brochures that we know and love dearly – I know I cannot resist the “rub and sniff” pages and there is nothing nicer than curling up with a cuppa on the sofa flicking through the AVON catalogue.  This is simply just an added tool for your ease and benefit…..and I promise to not tell the boss if you order AVON online whilst at work icon wink Want to Order AVON online in the UK?
Sarah HenshallWant to Order AVON online in the UK?