Making the Most of AVON Flyers

How to Make the Most of AVON Flyers

If you are already an AVON Representative, you may notice that from time to time AVON Flyers are sent free of charge in your order boxes.  They do not come every campaign, but often with launches of new products, fantastic offers or special events.   We have recently had Jubilee Flyers and Nailwear flyers.  You can also sometimes download and print your own flyers direct from the website too.

avonflyer Making the Most of AVON Flyers

I thought I would share a few ways of using these flyers to make sure you get the most out of it and ultimately gain new customers/orders and earn more money.

Top Tips for using AVON Flyers

  • Take the flyers out with you to all the “usual” places you go and leave them there – perhaps the nursery, school, take-away, shops etc.  This will take you no time at all as you are already going to these places.
  • Revisit your territory (if you are working locally) with just the flyers – this will be quicker than re-canvassing every house and the flyer may entice new customers.
  • Give each of your existing customers (and friends/family) 5 flyers to hand out to either their network of friends, family or work.
  • Scan/Take a Photo of your flyer and upload this onto your social media profiles (e.g. Facebook, Pintrest etc) so this can reach all your online network of friends.

What else to remember when using AVON Flyers??

  • Remember the following things when you are using AVON Flyers:
  • Your contact details are fully on the flyers – so people don’t go online and look up another representative.
  • As soon as someone contacts you get a paper brochure or your online brochure straight across to them.  Provide FAST and friendly service straightaway.
  • Remember to stay compliant with AVON official guidelines with regards to advertising (this is all found on your website)

And finally……don’t let your AVON flyers get dusty in the draw, get them out there working for you. icon smile Making the Most of AVON Flyers


Sarah HenshallMaking the Most of AVON Flyers