How to plan to make money doing AVON

How to plan to make money doing AVON

I know not everybody starts AVON to make money, for some people it is just to meet people or fund their own AVON purchases!  However, for anyone who does want to make money doing AVON – having a plan to make money doing AVON is really important.

In your initial start up meeting you will be given a full starter pack and training guides.  You will also discuss with your AVON team leader the following things (as well as the mechanics of how AVON works):

  • Why do you want to do AVON
  • What do you want to get from AVON – How much money do you want to make
  • How you plan to sell AVON – friends, work, locally or a mixture

Armed with this information, your AVON team leader will be able to help and advise you to put your own plan to achieve together.  This is very much what YOU want – it is YOUR plan to make money doing AVON.

Your Plan to Make Money doing AVON

In your Believe and Achieve Booklets you will see a “My Plan To Achieve” page – which is a simple planning form to help you stay on track with what you want.  Everyone will want different things and a different amount of money – the beauty of this plan is it that is really simple.

  • Make sure you fill it in – and understand what you need to do
  • Invite all your potential customers to view your brochure – both paper brochure and electronic brochure
  • Get out there and take action
  • Look around your website for all the online training and ask if you need any help or have questions


avonmoney How to plan to make money doing AVON

Personally I use an Average Order value of £10 – this is my personal average and other people’s averages may vary. 

I have got an AVON Earnings Chart which is a simple table that you can look down and find out how much you need to sell to earn £x.

Can you really make money doing AVON?

Yes, of course you can if you have a plan and work your plan.

My top tip really is to work to gaining customers by getting your brochure out to as many people as you can.  Make sure that your Invitation List (page 20-21 in your Believe Book) is filled out and added too.

Also, it does take time to build up your customers and increase your average customer order.   However, once you are established offering a reliable, friendly and fast service, you will notice how simple it is to make money doing AVON.

Sarah HenshallHow to plan to make money doing AVON