AVON Raffle Prize

What to do when you are asked to provide an AVON Raffle Prize

Quite often as an AVON Representative you may be approached by your children’s PTA, a local school or charity to provide an AVON Raffle prize for their event.  This is a fantastic opportunity to support your local community as well as a great opportunity to find new potential customers.

The next big question is…..what to donate as a raffle prize?

Ideas for an AVON Raffle Prize

  • You can go with a ready made gift set – there are some lovely gift sets (especially fragrance) in the brochure
  • You can “bundle up” your own mix of products – ranging from toiletries, make-up, fragrance, jewellery etc.
  • Save up products when they are on special promotion, on offer or are a freebie – don’t be afraid to mix and match products and ranges.
  • Make sure that you present your raffle prize nicely.  You can use the AVON Wrap Your Own Gift basket or get a nice basket and some ribbon.  You want people to be eyeing up your prize when they are buying the tickets.
  • You can theme your AVON raffle prize – perhaps a basket of summer goodies, pampering treats or all things purple…as a few examples.
  • Don’t forget to include your business card (and if you can a brochure) so that the lucky winner can contact you if they want to become a customer.
  • Why not put a little congratulations note in – handwrite it and invite the winner to contact you if they would like to see an AVON brochure.

An example of my recent AVON Raffle Prize for a local charity

avonraffleprize AVON Raffle Prize

AVON Raffle Prize

This was donated to a local ladies evening to support The Joshua Tree Charity.

It was a mixed bundle of AVON products: Bubble Bath, Room Spray, Body Spray, Fragrance, Shower Gel and Body Scrub.  I put it together myself rather than being a “ready made” bundle.

I really hope the winner enjoyed their AVON Raffle Prize.

Sarah HenshallAVON Raffle Prize