AVON Nail Bar Flyer

Check out the AVON Nail Bar Flyer

nailbar AVON Nail Bar FlyerComing to you in Campaign 13 (over the Summer) will be the AVON Nail Bar Flyer which is absolutely fab.  The offer is quite simple – ANY 4 items for £10.

Nail enamels are always a winner here at Sarah’s Reps.  I think it’s because they are such an affordable luxury which can change your look or make a statement quickly.  You can also be really creative too.

I am loving both the Nailwear Pro+ range as well as the Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel range.  Both types work really well for me.

What I am loving about the Nail Bar Flyer

There are lots of great shades including brand new ones which for that bang on trend look.  Exclusive to the nail flyer include:

  • Berry Shimmer
  • Noir Emerald
  • Pink Creme
  • Naked Truth
  • Lime Splatter
  • City Navy
  • Art Orange
  • Street Beige

You will also find the Mosaic Effects top coats (White & Black), French Manicure Kit, Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Nail Spray and many other nail related products all in this 4 for £10 offer too.

Representative – AVON Nail Bar Flyer

Most AVON Representatives will receive the AVON Nail Bar Flyers for every Campaign 13 brochure ordered.  I recommend that you hand the flyers out to existing customers first, then when you get them back in, use them to find new customers.  You could perhaps try leaving them in waiting rooms or local shops.

Enjoy the AVON Nail Bar Flyer, I certainly will.

Sarah HenshallAVON Nail Bar Flyer