How to Earn Cash For Summer

How to Earn Cash For Summer

suncream How to Earn Cash For SummerMany people are looking to earn cash for Summer.  It may be that you are looking to save up to pay for your Summer Holidays or holiday spends.  Perhaps you’ve just graduated or left college and are looking for something to get you earning cash straight away.  We’ve got a few ideas for to help you earn cash for Summer.

We are recruiting across the whole of the UK this Summer –  so if you know anyone who is looking to earn cash this Summer put them in touch with us!

Earn Cash for Summer – What sort of thing are you looking for?

If you are anything like me, I remember when I graduated I was looking for something that was:-

  • Flexible
  • Fun to do
  • Immediate Start no lengthy interview process or long application forms
  • No prior experience required
  • Great Skills to put on the CV for job hunting
  • Something that you can carry on doing if you do find a job
  • Lots of “perks of the job”  – discount on products

If you like the sound of these benefits, you may just like becoming an AVON representative or AVON sales leader.

Earn Cash for Summer – As an AVON Representative

Provided that you are over 18 years old – you can apply to join AVON as a Representative or Sales Leader (team leader)  It is a quick process that takes about 30-45 minutes to get started once you fill in the form on the right hand side.

What do you do as an AVON Representative?

Use the AVON brochures  to find customers and gather orders.   You then place your orders online, deliver the products and collect the cash in from customers.   You then pay AVON their share of the money and you keep the balance yourself as your earnings.  You can earn up to 25% of your total orders.

  • Show the AVON brochure to your friends – there are products in there for every age range and budget
  • Show the AVON brochure locally – meet new people in your local area
  • Promote the Online AVON brochure on your social networking sites
  • Have an AVON party or get together with your friends

You work when you want to work, you choose how many hours you put into your AVON business.

There are great “perks” too – we’ve got special promotions on when you join with £200 worth of rewards.  Also, as an AVON Representative you get 15% discount in Dorothy Perkins.  You can also get great discounts on your own AVON products.

What do you do as an AVON Sales Leader?

Find and help other people earn money as AVON Representatives – you find and look after your own team of representatives.  Again, you work when you want to and you choose how many hours you put into your AVON business.

  • Find people you already know who want to earn some extra cash or do they know anyone who might
  • Ask people locally who may want to earn some extra cash

AVON will reward you with commission earnings based on your team sales and qualification levels.  There are also lots of cash bonuses available too.  We work with you to help you get off to the best start as either an AVON representative or Sales Leader

If you are interested in hearing more on how to earn cash for summer, do get in touch with us today.

Sarah HenshallHow to Earn Cash For Summer