AVON Online Brochure

How to have your own AVON Online Brochure

Exciting news here from us, we now have our very only “AVON Shop Online” – in the form of a Personal AVON Online Brochure.  This is a free tool given to us as an AVON Representative – and allows us to share the amazing online AVON Brochure  with all our friends, family and social networks.

Let’s find out a bit more about it…..

How does this new  Personal AVON Online Brochure Work?

  • Personal to you – with your own name and e-mail address and aligned to your ordering dates
  • Online – your own brochure website allowing you to easily pass the brochure to your customers
  • Brochure – it is the complete brochure including all offers (not condensed or reduced in any way at all)

The Personal Online Brochure will update in line with when you order – so that your customers will be seeing the latest brochure.  It is the full AVON brochure and Sale Catalogue (where applicable).

Your customers can “add to basket” which is in effect an online ordering form going direct to your own AVON shop.  You will then be able to confirm and add to your actual order.  You will then deliver as per normal to your customers.

If a customer “shares” your brochure and someone orders from it, this will be tracked back to you.  This means you will get the order!

If you are in my team I am happy to help you set up your AVON Online Brochure – just get in touch.  We can also help you with ideas on how to promote your business too.

Want to have a look at my AVON Online Brochure?

Just simply click on the picture  below – this will take you to my personal AVON Online Brochure:

whatsavailable AVON Online Brochure


Why not get your AVON Online Brochure set up today!

Sarah HenshallAVON Online Brochure