AVON Recruitment Stand

Ideas you can use when doing an AVON Recruitment Stand

I thought I would share with you all a few ideas you can use when you are doing an AVON Recruitment Stand – and some handy tips and hints for you.  If you are in my team, if I am free I will come along and support you with your events and equally invite you along to anything I have planned.

I find using AVON recruitment stands are a great way of finding new team members.  This is because I can have a variety of products to show prospective new representatives.  I also like chatting to people so this is a perfect way to share the AVON opportunity with people and answer their questions about how being an AVON representative works.

Getting organised for your AVON recruitment stand

Each AVON Recruitment event is different – as it will depend on location, type of audience, space available etc etc.   However, the general principles are largely the same wherever you are.

To find events that you may be able to have an AVON recruitment stall at – why not try the local newspaper for “what’s on” or even search on the internet for local events.  There are lots of events going on all across the UK and so it’s a perfect opportunity to find people who may be interested in becoming an AVON representative or buying with you.

There are probably hundreds of events a year that go on in the town nearest to you and not always a weekends either!  Look out for mother and baby groups, slimming clubs, ladies evenings and charity fundraisers just to name a few events.

Key items to have when doing an AVON recruitment stall:

  • Brochures – for people to flick through or take away
  • Recruitment Literature (with all your details on)
  • Some products – not too many just a small selection for people to see – I pick things that are either on offer or on the front cover launch usually
  • Some samples – for people to try
  • Mini Welcome Packs – with a few brochures, some order forms, some samples and your details (I put this in the black plastic AVON bags which I keep behind the stall for people who are really interested)
  • Pen & Paper
Depending on the event, you may also want to use the AVON Roller Banners as well if there is space.  You could also “theme” your display if you were at a particular event.  For example, I would have some of the lovely Tiny Tillia products on display if I was at a Mother and Baby show.

A recent example for you:

This photo below is a quick AVON Recruitment table I did in a local shop as part of their “Family Week” over half-term.  I kept the display simple and bright and I was looking for new team members as well as picking up some extra customers locally. (it was on the children’s colouring table in the shop if you are wondering why there are doodles on the table! icon smile AVON Recruitment Stand )

AVONRecruitment1 AVON Recruitment Stand

I find that you do have to be quite bubbly to do an AVON recruitment stand – being enthusiastic and wearing a smile definitely helps and makes you more approachable.  I also found that the more events I did, the more confident I became with it too.

Why not have a go at doing an AVON Recruitment Stand to boost your business today!

Sarah HenshallAVON Recruitment Stand