What comes in the AVON Appointment Kit

What Comes in the AVON Appointment Kit

When you get started with AVON, you get an AVON Appointment Kit.  This contains all the vital information and tools required to get you off to a great start with AVON.  You will be given this by the person who gets you started. (often called an Upline Sales Leader)  The initial appointment takes around 45 minutes but will depend on the questions you have.

What do you get in the AVON Appointment Kit?

newpatd What comes in the AVON Appointment KitYou may be given the following things in your AVON Appointment Kit:

  • Appointment Booklets – Believe in your success with AVON and Achieve through Sales Success
  • Brochures for your 1st two campaigns
  • Smart Start Incentive Flyer
  • Calling Book (Black book) to record your customers
  • Order Forms
  • Hello Tomorrow Representative Only Magazine
  • Important Information leaflets

We will also get you registered with AVON online so that you can manage and run your account fully online.  We will talk through every stage step by step.

You do not pay anything upfront to get started with AVON.  There is a small administration fee of £15, which will only be charged to your Representative account after you have placed your first order – this will be split into two equal amounts of £7.50 over your first two campaigns.

What else happens on an AVON Appointment?

You will be shown step by step how to get started and how to find customers and gather orders.  We will cover the basics without the feeling of being overwhelmed.  We will leave you excited and ready to get off to a great start with your new AVON business.

If you are ready to get started and book your AVON Appointment – fill out the form on the right and we will be in touch.

Sarah HenshallWhat comes in the AVON Appointment Kit