Make the Most of the AVON Sales Booklets

How to make the most out of the AVON Sales Booklets

avonsalesbrochure Make the Most of the AVON Sales BookletsIn addition to the main AVON brochures, sometimes there are also accompanying AVON Sales Booklets for customers.  This is a great way to boost your AVON Income even further and gain extra sales.

You do not need to order them in specially, they come free alongside the main brochures you order.  You will get the same amount of AVON Sales booklets as the amount of main brochures you order.  They do not come every campaign, but they do come out quite often.

It is worth using them as customers (and us) love bargains and clearance sales.  It brings out the bargain hunter in us all.

What’s in the AVON Sales Booklets?

They are full of extra bargains and clearance stock at fantastic prices.  There is a wide range of all the products across all the categories – from make-up, jewellery, fashion, fragrance, skincare etc.

The AVON Clearance Sales Book is a firm favourite with my customers.  There is always something that grabs my attention in there.

Three Top Tips to use the AVON Sales Booklets

  • Highlight the Sales Booklet when giving your customers the latest brochure – tell them of your favourite top bargain in the clearance leaflet.
  • Let your customers know that if they are particularly fond of a certain item in the clearance booklet, stock up on it now.
  • Why not leave the sales booklet in waiting rooms (make sure your contact details are on there) – donate one to the local doctor, dentist, optician, take-away, MOT centre etc.

Good luck with using the clearance booklets and getting extra AVON sales.

Sarah HenshallMake the Most of the AVON Sales Booklets