Have fun writing an Invitation List

Have fun writing an Invitation List

If you are anything like me, writing an invitation list is really fun – whether it be to a birthday, wedding, get-together or any event really.  Once you get into it, it is easy to get carried away and when you’ve only got space for 100 people at the big occasion, you’ve got a list of 300 names!

Well, why not earn money by writing a simple invitation list and inviting people to look at your latest AVON brochure?

When you start AVON, it starts with a simple invitation.

All you need to do is think of everyone who you know and the places you go.  Simply invite people to look at your AVON brochure (or samples/demos) and you will be amazed at how many people will shop with you.

  • Why not say something like:  “I’ve just started doing AVON, why not have a browse through the latest brochure” 
  •  Why not post on your Social Media status: “I’ve just started doing AVON – have a browse at my latest brochure online and inbox/call me with your order”

The best place to start for all new representatives is to invite your friends / family / neighbours/workmates to just take a look at your brochure.  Also, have a think of where you go on a regular basis – like the gym, playgroup, slimming class, hairdressers etc. and why not invite people simply to have a look at the latest brochure.

The more names you have on your Invitation List – the more potential customers – the more potential orders – the more potential earnings.

Key pointers with your Invitation List

Think about people you already know:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Workmates
  • Neighbours
  • Friends on your social networking sites (Facebook etc)
  • Your Children’s teachers, babysitters, their friend’s parents
  • Friend of Friend – referrals work really well (and you make more friends)

You can also think about places you go:

  • School/Nursery/College
  • Doctors/Dentist
  • Hairdressers
  • Local businesses (shops, restaurants, pubs, offices etc)
  • Social clubs (slimming clubs, bingo, darts etc)

Another top tip from me is to re-visit your Invitation List regularly and keep adding to it.   You are always expanding your social circle and going to new places.

Unlike a Wedding List or Celebration Party List – you are not restricted to numbers.  In fact the more the merrier.

So, how many names have you got on your AVON Invitation List?

Sarah HenshallHave fun writing an Invitation List