Get Started with AVON

Get Started with AVON

I always find it exciting when I help new team members get started with AVON.  There is something quite special and rewarding about helping other people launch their new AVON business.

All you need to do is simply fill in your details on the right hand side or you can call me (Sarah) direct on 0800 118 5411 to arrange to get started with AVON……but first, let me tell you a bit more about what happens when you get started with AVON.

What do I get when I get started with AVON?

You get a starter kit which contains everything you will need to earn money straight away.

  • Free brochures for your 1st and 2nd campaign (a campaign is every 3 weeks)
  • Free exclusive Representative only magazine – Hello Tomorrow featuring demo products and clearance items
  • Free order forms and business stationary
  • Free Starter Guides full of tips and ideas
  • Free Representative ordering website – manage your business online and lots of online training and support
  • Lots more training and support all for free

freestarterpack Get Started with AVON

Don’t worry there is nothing to pay up front to get started.  There is a nominal admin fee of £15 which will only be charged to your Representative account after you have placed your first order – this will be split into two equal amounts of £7.50 over your first two campaigns.


I am now ready to get started with AVON – what happens next

We will arrange a time that is good for you to pop out to see you and explain face-to-face how everything works.  It is informal and takes anywhere between 30-60 minutes depending on what questions you have.

We will run through the starter kit and how AVON works and how AVON will work around your lifestyle and how much money you want to earn.

We will show you:

  • How to gather orders – either from people you already know (networking) and/or by showing the brochures locally.
  • How to maximise your sales – selling tips and ideas to get you off to a great start.
  • How to order online and manage your account online.
  • How to pay AVON and how you get paid with AVON.

You are your own boss, so you set your own goals.  We are simply here to help and support you and make sure you have everything you need to get started with AVON.




Sarah HenshallGet Started with AVON