Avon Representative Earnings

AVON Representative Earnings

Most people start doing AVON because they want to make money – so let’s look out at AVON Representative Earnings.

All AVON Representative Earnings are in Cash.

You do not have to pay an upfront joining fee to start AVON.  You will be given all the tools you need (brochures, starter kit, order forms etc) when you get started.

There is a small administration fee (£16 total) which is split across your 1st and 2nd invoice.

How are AVON Representative Earnings Calculated?

AVON Representative Earnings depend upon how much product you sell.  You decide how much you want to sell and how many orders you want to collect.  In turn, you decide how much you want to earn.

  • All items that you order (including demo products, sale products and sales aids) are included in the total order value to calculate the discount on the main order.
  • You do not get any further discount from your Hello Tomorrow Representative magazine – the price you see is the price you pay.
  • As an AVON Representative we place an order every 3 weeks (called a campaign) and provided the order is over £15 there is no delivery charge.

AVON Representative Earnings Discount Levels

  • Orders up to £79 = No discount
  • Orders Between £80 – £149 =  up to 20% discount
  • Orders Over £150 =  up to 25% discount
I have also prepared an AVON Earnings Chart – which is a quick guide showing you how much you need to sell and approximate customers to get the income of your choice.
When you start with AVON we will talk to you about how much you want to earn and then we will show you ways to gather the orders and customers required to get the sales.   We are not your boss, we just show you how to earn money by gathering and serving customers.
So your first step is to decide how much AVON Representative earnings you want.
Sarah HenshallAvon Representative Earnings