Why I love AVON Sales Leadership

Why I love AVON Sales Leadership

There are lots of reasons why I love AVON Sales Leadership.  I thought it would be nice to share some of the reasons why it fits in so well with my life.

AVON Sales Leadership is simply sharing the AVON opportunity with other people and helping and supporting AVON Representatives and AVON Sales Leaders in your team.

Running my own AVON Sales Leadership Business

Slider31 620x230 Why I love AVON Sales LeadershipI have always wanted to run my own business ever since I was young.  However, I didn’t want to risk my hard earned savings on a start-up.  Setting up a “traditional” business is really risky and many businesses fail.  Also, I wanted a business where I could spend the majority of time doing things I enjoyed not dull red-tape stuff.  With AVON Sales Leadership I can spend the majority of time with people – whether it be customers, potential team members or existing team members.   For me, this is far more rewarding and exciting than worrying about stock or premises!!

I also NEEDED (not just wanted) a flexible opportunity to work around my children.  I couldn’t afford expensive nursery fees and in my previous career I worked long stressful hours which wouldn’t work around young children.  Again, AVON Sales Leadership is perfect, as I can pick and chose the hours I work.  Some weeks I can work more than other weeks. Also, a lot of my customers and team members have families, so my hours fit perfectly around them.

Most importantly, I love AVON Sales Leadership because there is no glass ceiling.  With hard work and determination there is no limit to my financial or personal success.  I love the fact that I can work as much (or little) as I want to and get rewarded accordingly.  It’s not just the financial reward either.  I love meeting new people, working with people and having a great work/life balance.  I cannot put a price on being a work from home mum watching my two young children grow up.


AVON Sales Leadership – Why AVON?

I love the fact that AVON is the World’s No 1 Direct Seller.  AVON products are innovative, but affordable. The company has been in business for over 125 years and is a well known brand.  AVON have alliances with celebrities which helps boost sales. AVON is an advocate of breast cancer and domestic violence charities, raising millions of pounds in support.  This makes selling the products simple and fun and also very rewarding.

I find AVON Sales Leadership really amazing.

Sarah HenshallWhy I love AVON Sales Leadership