AVON Sales Leader – Questions & Answers

AVON Sales Leader – Questions & Answers

salesleader 300x207 AVON Sales Leader   Questions & AnswersHere are some common questions and answers on how to become an AVON Sales Leader.  If you still have questions after reading this, please get in touch at no obligation.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have about being an AVON Sales Leader.

What do I do as an AVON Sales Leader?

Step 1:   Everyone starts as an Independent AVON Representative.  This means you find customers and sell products through the AVON brochures.  You have a personal requirement to sell every 3 weeks.  (£148 as a Sales Leader and £220 for Advanced Sales Leader and above) This is achievable and once you’ve obtained customers will not take up much time.  Of course you may want to sell more products, which is fine.

Step 2:  Decide to become an AVON Sales Leader.  You start to grow a team of AVON Representatives by finding people who want to join AVON and earn extra money.  We show you how to find new team members and how to get them started.

Step 3:  You then develop, grow and train your team.  You can earn commission on your team’s sales.  You also get lots of support from your AVON Sales Leader (the person who recruited you) as well as your Area Sales Manager.  There is also lots of training online.

What Skills Do I need to be an AVON Sales Leader?

We are in the “people” business – this means that you have to be friendly and be able to talk to people.  We will work with you to build up your confidence and skills in networking.  One of the great things about being an AVON Sales Leader is that you can grow your team and your pace – whether that be fast or slow.

You do not need to drive, however it is an advantage if you do drive.  You need access to a computer.

You do not need any experience of networking, multi-level-marketing or sales.  We have a training system unique to SarahsReps which works along side the AVON Sales Leader training system.  We are able to show you how we have built our AVON Business and have duplicatable system which is simple but works.

What are the Benefits do you get as an AVON Sales Leader?

There are lots of benefits you get as an AVON Sales Leader – here are just a few.  We will go through them and work a plan around anything you want to achieve when you get started in more detail.

  • Commissions – you can get up to 12% of your team’s orders as an AVON Sales Leader.  There are 18 earning opportunities a year.
  • Bonuses – there are cash bonuses of over £6,000 for growing your AVON team
  • Incentives – there are opportunities to achieve holidays, cars and prizes throughout the year
  • Training – there is lots of training and networking events held both locally and nationally.  There is also great training and support online.

There is also the benefits of flexibility and freedom to grow your team at your own pace wherever you want to in the UK.

Important Information about becoming an AVON Sales Leader

When you are thinking about joining AVON it is important that you consider who/which team you are joining with.  Once you join (as a Representative) you cannot move to a different team without leaving AVON for a specific period of time.  This means that you want to chose a team that works well for you.  We all have access to the AVON corporate training, but each team have a slightly different way of building businesses and training their teams.  Make sure that you do your research on what a team can offer you.  I am more than happy to answer any questions at no obligation for anyone who is considering becoming an AVON Sales Leader.  Just get in touch on the form on the right (and tick Sales Leader) or ring me on 0800 118 5411.

Being an AVON Sales Leader is definitely a great opportunity.

Sarah HenshallAVON Sales Leader – Questions & Answers