AVON Get Together

AVON Get Together

gettogetherinvite AVON Get TogetherAn AVON Get Together is a perfect way for AVON Representatives to share and promote the fantastic products with others in an easy, fun and no pressure environment.  It is a great way to earn extra money and can really fit around you and your lifestyle.

Let’s find out a bit more……

What is an AVON Get Together?

An AVON Get Together is simply getting people together – whether it be over coffee or perhaps a glass of wine and have a chat and look and learn about a selection of products from AVON.

What an AVON Get Together Isn’t

  • It’s not about blinding people with scientific facts, but simply allowing them to have a look and feel/touch/smell in a relaxed and social environment.
  • It isn’t about you, the AVON Representative, standing presenting to people for an hour.  Equally it isn’t about being the life and soul of the party organising games.
  • It isn’t a full blown “party” but a relaxed and informal way of getting to know your customers and your customers getting to know the AVON products and you.
  • It’s not about ordering in hundreds of products, but simply focusing on a few products in a range to demonstrate.

More info on how to hold an AVON Get Together

We are running training on how to hold an AVON Get Together alongside the great training that will be available on the AVON Representative website.  Our training is simple and easy to follow.

We also have training on how to run an AVON party,  an AVON Pamper Night, an AVON Open House and AVON Stall at a Fair/Ladies Night.  In essence, we have training on most types of events which is simple and straightforward to follow.

Being an AVON representative you have a choice of methods of how to sell AVON.  We are here at SarahsReps to support you in selling methods which fit around you and your lifestyle and commitments.  We think that an AVON Get Together is a great addition to our methods of selling.

Not everyone likes going door-to-door selling AVON, so this is another method of selling and earning money.  Why not give an AVON Get Together a try.

Sarah HenshallAVON Get Together