Valentines Day | AVON Valentines Day

AVON Valentines Day

10kiss Valentines DayWhy not capitalise on one of the biggest selling days of the year for fragrance, gifts and romance?  This year why not let your customers have an AVON Valentines Day on February 14th.

Here at SarahsReps I’ve got some top tips to getting the most out of your AVON Valentines Day for AVON Representatives.

How to get organised with your AVON Valentines Day

Get prepared NOW – as before you know it you’ll have run out of time.  I tend to look ahead 6-8 weeks in the calendar with my AVON representative business.  This is so I have enough time to get some demo products in and to do all my extra AVON marketing.

  1. Look forward on your invoice to see when your last delivery before Valentines Day is – and work that campaign as your “AVON Valentines Day” brochure.  Depending on where you live this may be campaign 3 or campaign 4.
  2. Look through your AVON Valentines Day brochure and highlight the gifts that appeal to you that you are thinking about promoting.
  3. An idea I am going to use is sticky notes on the pages.  Why not use pink sticky notes for Ladies gifts and blue sticky notes for Mens gifts.
  4. Either do a short newsletter or mention in the “Special Messages” section of your order form that this is the last delivery before Feb 14th.
  5. Target places where men are (perhaps gyms, garage, pub etc) and offer a personal shopping experience – where you can help recommend products that his loved one would like.
  6. Perhaps package up an “AVON Valentines Day” bundle of goodies – like the Planet Spa treatments – if you offer a gift wrap service it makes it even easier for your customer.
  7. Let your AVON facebook friends know that you have great gifts available – remembering the hassle free, 90 day money back guarantee and free delivery discreetly to the door.
  8. Fragrance is going to be a top seller – why not invest in some samples both of ladies and mens fragrances so that your customers can sniff before they buy.
  9. Jewellery is always another popular seller – why not get some pieces from the Hello Tomorrow in advance that you can demonstrate and wear as the perfect gift.
  10. Remember to “GIVE AVON” to your loved one!!

Love AVON – Love AVON Valentines Day

We like to use seasonal events with our AVON business.  Not only is it fun, but a lot of the marketing and hype has already been done for you.  It’s just a case of letting your customers know what great products we have and the amazing value for money our products are.

Good Luck with your AVON Valentines Day.

Sarah HenshallValentines Day | AVON Valentines Day