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New Year AVON Advertising

logo2 NEW YEAR AdvertisingThe New Year is a time when people make resolutions or look to make changes or improvements to their lives.  I am guilty of making the resolution of starting a diet on Jan 1st….only by about the 15th January to have completely fallen off the wagon! However, as an Independent AVON Sales Leader it is a great time to start New Year AVON Advertising – and re look at your strategy.

New Year AVON Advertising Wording

Here are a couple of examples of the Official wording for New Year AVON Advertising:

  • A New Year resolution for you. Find out today about local self-employed AVON earning opportunities.
  • New Year Build your own business now. Choose your own hours, be your own boss. I have local self-employed AVON opportunities today.

New Year AVON Advertising – What will be different for you in 2012?

I am not an AVON Advertising guru by any stretch, but I thought I would share some ideas with you that have worked for me.

If you are brand new to Advertising – start locally on familiar ground where you feel comfortable.  Not only will this keep down your costs, but you will have the insider knowledge of the area which is a definite competitive advantage.  Little tricks like knowing when is market day (lot of people around) or what time the pick up on the local nursery is (lots of mums waiting) or even when the evening classes on health and beauty run at the Adult Education college.

If you are experienced with AVON Advertising – you can probably teach me a thing or two!!!! Seriously.  I always make sure that I track my advertising costs and campaigns – so I know whether something is working both in terms of getting results and financially.  If I am going to invest in a shopping centre stand – I want to make sure it’s a good location on a busy shopping day and that we have enough manpower for us to get maximum coverage all day.

I use the New Year (Holiday Period) to look at my AVON advertising and what has worked throughout the last year, what types of advertising I want to increase and what I may want to experiment with in the new year.

Anyway, I hope that you have got a few ideas about AVON Advertising from this.

Sarah HenshallNEW YEAR Advertising | AVON Advertising