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AVON Incentives 2012 – SarahsReps Front Line Sales Leader Team 

pinksarahsig Incentives 2012AVON offer fantastic bonuses, incentives and commissions which are open to all AVON Sales Leaders.  Here at SarahsReps we also want to recognise the achievements and hard work of our own AVON team as well.

We have devised a series of AVON Incentives which are exclusive to our Front Line (directly recruited) sales leaders which is on top of all the incentives that AVON offer.

We work with our AVON Sales Leaders to help them achieve what they want from their sales leadership business by following our successful SarahsReps Sales Leader System.  This is exclusive to our team.

Full details of the incentive have been mailed out to our existing Front Line Sales Leaders – any new Sales Leaders will be given the full details during the initial phase of training.  We will work with you to achieve what you want and help you put together a business plan and give you ideas and strategies that have worked for us.

Incentives – Grow

We recognise that a key skill is to grow a frontline of AVON representatives – that is team members you personally recruit.  We reward our Sales Leaders with exciting business building tools when they reach certain order level counts.

On offer are things like:   Roller Banners, Sat Nav, iPAD, Advertising budgets.

Incentives – Achieve

We also want to say a special well done when our team hits a new level in the commission plan.  We offer exciting breaks away when they hit a brand new level and maintain for a further 2 campaigns.  This is on top of all the great recognition that AVON give you for growing and working your way up the payplan through Advanced, Executive and Senior Executive.

Year End Cash

This is to recognise growth throughout the whole of the year and is  to say thank you for all the hard work, dedication and commitment shown to team building during 2012.  There is up to £1,000 cash up for grabs depending on how big your team has grown.

AVON Incentives

This is on top of all the amazing AVON incentives that are put on by AVON UK Sales Leadership – such as Top 20 trip, Drive Your Dream, Business Development Bonus and many other great incentives throughout the year.

Need help working towards AVON Incentives?

We will work with any of our Sales Leaders who wish to go for any of the AVON Incentives.   Check your Sales Leader website for details of the latest incentives.  We also send out regular communications and top tips as soon as we hear about any new incentives.


One of our philosophies here at SarahsReps is “Your Success is Our Success”  - and I believe that we all have different ideas of success. My greatest success so far has been to be able to still afford to work “from home” whilst Lucy and Ted are still small.  We’ve had some really precious family moments that we wouldn’t have had if I was working in a job.

I hope you enjoy our AVON Incentives.


Sarah HenshallIncentives 2012 | AVON Incentives