Brochure 3 2012 | AVON Brochure 3

AVON Brochure 3 2012

brochure 3 232x300 Brochure 3 2012AVON Brochure 3 2012 – Introducing Shine Attract Lipstick – colour that lets you shine.  This is going to be a very popular brochure with AVON customers and AVON representatives.

AVON brochure 3 is full of lots of exciting new products, incredible offers and a sale section at the back.  View the brochure online : Online Brochure

AVON Brochure 3 – Sarah’s Fav Buys

  • Page 6-7 – Shine Attract Lipstick – it has an outer gel layer and full-colour lipstick.
  • Page 17 – AVON MagiX Eye Radiance Wand – it feels cashmere soft to the touch.
  • Page 143 – Crusade Ladies Socks – not only are their practical, stylish and comfy but they also help support Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

There are great free gifts and offers as well….including the Beauty Bonus box on Page 2/3 which you get free when you spend £10 or more on make-up (pages 6-17)

Also worth mentioning is the New Chamomile & Aloe Vera Care & Repair Shampoo on Page 125 for just £1 half price.

AVON Brochure 3 – Representatives

Now that the Holiday Festivities are out of the way and the kids are back at school, it is a great time to get earning with AVON.  Customers are often looking to freshen their look up in the New Year and get rid of last year’s make-up and get a New Look for New Year.  Make sure that you re-visit your existing customers and catch up on all the Holiday gossip.

Also, why not make a resolution to find new customers for 2012 as well.  It is a great brochure to show to new customers as it has a really attractive cover with a top celeb endorsing the lead product.

I hope you have a successful AVON brochure 3.


Sarah HenshallBrochure 3 2012 | AVON Brochure 3