Short Campaigns

AVON Short Campaigns

What Are Short Campaigns?

If this is your 1st Christmas as an AVON Representative you will not have come across the Short Campaigns.  A usual AVON Campaign is 3 weeks long BUT 3 weeks x 18 campaigns = 54 weeks – so AVON have 2 short campaigns around the Christmas Holiday Season which just last 2 weeks.  This means that there is not much time between ordering – delivering and ordering again.  Thus being organised in advanced helps!

Depending on where you live (your mailplan) you will have different ordering and delivery dates.  The UK is split into Areas based on postcodes which means that ordering and delivery dates are different depending on where you live.

AVON also reduce your selling requirements in certain campaigns – to recognise that you have less time to sell. Again, check your own website or invoice as depending on where you live there will be different campaigns that this applies to.

How to Check My Short Campaigns?

Simply Logon to your AVON – Click on My Orders and pull up “Orders & Delivery Dates” OR check your latest AVON invoice (in your brown delivery box)  If you are in my team I have provided extra training and support which will help you earn your money over the short campaigns.

Tips to Stay Organised on Short Campaigns

  1. Make sure you clear your balance as soon as you’ve done your deliveries – this will ensure your orders get out on time.
  2. Offer your customers 2 campaigns at a time (double brochure drop) and highlight when the orders will be delivered (so they can save the money in advance and you’ve only made one trip for two campaigns saving you time and effort)
  3. Make sure you’ve ordered enough brochures in advance so you are not caught short.
  4. Make use of the online brochures – to reach your customers quickly on facebook or e-mail.
  5. Think of it as a positive – you are earning money MORE OFTEN during the short campaigns.
  6. Check out the BILL BUSTERS incentive running on your AVON website
  7. Get ahead for Presidents Club EARLY by getting in your retail during the busiest time of the year.
  8. Remember PEOPLE SHOP FOR BARGAINS at Twixmas (the bit between Christmas and New Year) make sure they shop with your AVON book.
  9. Keep your account active by ordering from Hello Tomorrow.
  10. Take time out and Enjoy YOURSELF!

 Start of a NEW YEAR

Why not make 2012 your AVON Year?  Perhaps you could look into increasing your income by aiming for AVON Presidents Club.  This is an elite club for the top 7% of AVON representatives who sell products.  Or perhaps look into AVON Sales Leadership where you are running your own team of AVON Representatives.

Take a break and enjoy the Holiday Season and make the most of the Short Campaigns.

Sarah HenshallShort Campaigns