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Keeping Track of Your AVON Business

work Keeping Track of Your BusinessI know that I am an Accountant, so keeping track of my AVON Business is in my blood.  It is a task that I enjoy doing, because I have an analytic mind.  However, I appreciate that not everyone thinks in the same way as me!  Hence, the blog post, as I thought it would be really useful to share some ideas on how to keep track of your AVON business.  Hopefully these ideas will be KISS – Keep It Simple Sarah.

Keeping Track on your AVON Business – Representatives

As an AVON Representative running your AVON Business can be as simple or complicated as you make it really.  I have come up with 3 simple questions with some sub-questions to get you thinking about your AVON Business.  I think it is important to keep a track each campaign of : How Much Sold, How Many Customers & Average Spend.

  1. How much am I selling in £s each campaign
    1. How much am I earning?
    2. Would I like to increase or stick to that volume?
  2. How many customers have I served this campaign?
    1. Do I need to look at getting more customers by asking more people or re-visiting homes on my territory?
    2. Do I need to order more brochures to get to more people or perhaps use the e-brochure more?
  3. What is my Average Order  (just divide your sales by number of customers)?
    1. Could I run a promotion to get my customers spending more?  (e.g. spend £15 and get a free gift)
    2. Should I try highlighting offers or upselling complimenting products (e.g. night cream if buying day cream) or offer samples

Keeping Track of Your Sales Leadership AVON Business

As an AVON Sales Leader there are many more things that you can track with your AVON Business.  There are lots of useful reports that you can download from your own AVON website which help you with your team of representatives.  These reports are fantastic.

What is NOT covered on your AVON website are the following things that are useful to track with your business.   Some of these tracking questions won’t have numeric answers, but I find it personally very useful to ask myself these questions daily/weekly.  It’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s what keeps me on track.

  • How many prospects have you spoken to?
  • How much and what type of advertising have you done?
  • How many appointments have you done?
  • How many team members have you contacted?
  • How much training have you done with your downline?

It’s YOUR AVON Business

What I love about my AVON Business is that I can track myself and I am only answerable to myself in terms of my results.  If I have a busy week one week (life does get in the way with toddlers) because I have tracked what I have done or not done, I can see whether I want to do some more because I have got behind my own personal targets or whether I want to capitalise on doing well and get even more results.

I hope that you can take something useful from this post to apply to your AVON business.

Sarah HenshallKeeping Track of Your Business | AVON Business