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brochure 2 2012 206x300 Christmas Sales TipsMany people ask me “Should I put my AVON brochures out between Christmas & New Year?” and the answer to this is ABSOLUTELY YES.  Let me explain a few things which will help you be successful with your AVON Sales and your AVON Income.

Why is the time after Christmas & Before New Year so good for AVON Sales?

As soon as the turkey has been eaten (or in this internet age as soon as the clock strikes midnight on Christmas morn) people are looking for the latest Sales Bargains.  FACT.  You will find people even queuing in the freezing cold just to be in-line for the latest sales bargains at their favourite shop.

  • People get bored over Christmas once the hype has finished.
  • Some people don’t celebrate Christmas.
  • Others who are usually “too busy” to flick through the brochure are at home over the holidays.
  • Perhaps a potential customer is looking to make some New Year’s Resolutions including a make-over/new look for the New Year.

These are just some of the reasons why people may just want to take a look at the AVON Sales book between Christmas and New Year.

If you decide to re-canvass your streets, you may find new customers.  Equally if you update your “Who Do You Know” list of people who you can show the brochure to (for all the new people you met over the party season) you will go into 2012 with even more customers and sales.

SarahsReps Top Tip:  Gain the competitive edge by getting your brochures out there before anyone else – the early bird does catch the worm!  Also you are keeping YOUR earnings coming in….oh and you can have a good excuse of getting out and about!

AVON Sales Brochure

AVON Sales Brochure 2 runs for deliveries after Christmas.  It is full of sale items which helps keep the cost down after Christmas for your customers.  There are over 350 products at half price or less.  There are lots of items including the Room & Linen Sprays (Mega popular at Sarahsreps) at just 99p.

There is also plenty of fitness products such as the Active Pedometer & Skipping Rope. (and Body Illusion Body Suits & Briefs for those of us who want to cheat!)

Don’t miss out on your AVON Sales.

Sarah HenshallChristmas Sales Tips | AVON Sales