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AVON 2012  Presidents Club Diary

PresidentsClubDiary 259x300 2012Here at SarahsReps Tony was absolutely delighted to find his AVON 2012 Presidents Club Diary in his Campaign 18 order.  This is just one of the many “perks” of being a Presidents Club member with AVON.

Inside the front cover there was even a letter from Scott Schlackman, President, AVON UK and Republic of Ireland.  The letter thanks the Presidents Club Representatives for their enormous contribution they make to the success of AVON and for their loyalty to both customers and AVON in their 125th Anniversary Year.

It also wishes the representatives every success with AVON 2012.

Inside the AVON 2012 diary

I thought I’d also capture a page of the AVON 2012 diary as well – as they have been madediary2 300x230 2012 especially for AVON.  On the right hand side are the days and on the left hand page there is space for GOALS – TO DO – NOTES.

I also like that there is a “quote of the week” which is inspirational and will be a helpful boost every week.

Personally, I like to see the “week on paper” in terms of being organised and making sure I stay on track.

Going for Presidents Club with AVON 2012?

NOW is the time to get started if you are aiming for Presidents Club with AVON in 2012.  This is because for established representatives (who have served more than 18 campaigns – a year) the new AVON year starts in Campaign 1 and runs through to Campaign 18 2012.

If you are new (within the first 18 campaigns) you can become an associate member of Presidents Club by selling over £6,500 within your first year no matter what campaign you joined.

If you haven’t yet joined AVON or are already in SarahsReps (no matter who your team leader is) we are happy to help and support you in achieving Presidents Club with SarahsReps.  We have lots of tips, ideas and advice that will help you get there.

Good Luck with AVON 2012!

Sarah Henshall2012 | AVON 2012