How Much Can I make? | How Much Can I Make with AVON

How Much Can I Make with AVON?

sarrr How Much Can I make?I often get asked “How much can I make with AVON?” when I am finding and starting new AVON representatives.   I could say “How long is a piece of string?” but that’s not terribly helpful and after all, a new or prospective team member doesn’t know how it all works and what the possibilities are.

As it is based on your sales values, there is no set answer to how much can I make with AVON, but I explain how you earn the money and what is possible.

AVON Representative

  • You earn 20% discount on sales over £80.
  • You earn 25% discount on sales over £150.

So as a Representative the more you sell the more money you make with AVON.  I have prepared a ready-reckoner earnings chart for representative earnings on an earlier blog post.

If a new team member says they need/want to earn say £100 – I can tell them that they need to find £400 worth of sales.  I then work a plan with them on how to find customers so that they can find those sales and in turn earn the money they want.

How Much Can I Make with AVON – The Key is Showing the Brochure

There are lots of ways to sell AVON – whether it be door-to-door, friends & family, work place or parties etc.  The key is to show the brochure and/or products to as many people as you can.  The more you do this, the more likely you are to get more orders.

My biggest tip for AVON representative success is to offer the best customer service to your customers – as they will remain loyal and will continue to buy with you and recommend you to their friends.  

There are 18 earning opportunities (brochures) a year, so there is lots of scope for sales and repeat purchases from your customers.

You are not limited to the number of brochures you can show or customers you can have.  There are plenty of ways in which to network the brochure to friends, family, workmates or people you know.

How Much Can I Make with AVON – AVON Sales Leader

This totally depends on how many team orders (and order values) and at what level you are at.  There are people earning extremely good money from AVON Sales Leadership (over £100,000 p.a) but this does take time, effort and determination.  Again, we work with our sales leaders to achieve what they want to earn and put a plan together.

As a sales leader you can earn between 2%-12% of your team’s sales (up to 3 generations) depending on what size and structure of team you have.

How Much Can I Make with AVON – The Key is sharing the Opportunity

Just like as a Representative you share the brochure, as a Sales Leader you Share the Opportunity (of being a representative) with others.  The more people you do this with, the more team members you will have.

How Much Can I Make with AVON –  It’s Up To YOU

How much money you make with AVON is totally up to you – how much time, effort, determination and work you put into your AVON business, whether as a representative or sales leader.

Some people join AVON just to pay for their own make-up, some people join for just an extra bit of cash and others join as they want to run their own business and earn lots of money.  All are achievable with AVON.  We will only ever help and support our team with what they want.

So in essence, how much can I make with AVON, that’s up to YOU.

Sarah HenshallHow Much Can I make? | How Much Can I Make with AVON