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Everyone Loves  FREE AVON Samples

I am a big fan of using  AVON Samples to increase my sales and keep my customers happy. lotussample Everyone Loves a Free Sample I find that letting my customers experience products and trial them before they buy really does work.  Also, everyone loves freebies, and giving away free AVON Samples is a great way to create goodwill with your customers.

Here are my top 3 quick tips for how to use AVON Samples to increase sales.

Getting Organised with your AVON Samples

  • You may have built up a stock FREE AVON Samples via the Smart Start programme.
  • Alternatively you can get samples from your Representative Magazine.
  • Stock up on Samples – especially when they launch new products

AVON Samples – Front Page Launch

When the front cover of the AVON brochure has a new product which has a corresponding AVON Sample for it – get it and give it to your customers to try.  I just pop the AVON Sample in the brochure bag with a little note saying “here is a free sample for you to try”

This works well with the fragrance launches and creams or any product which has had TV advertising.

AVON Samples – Upselling Products

If your customer uses the Day Cream – why not give her the Night Cream sample to try along with her purchase of the Day Cream.  This works really well with all the skin-care regimes.  The benefit is that you already know that the customer likes the range and thus is more likely to buy different products within that range.

By tailoring samples to individual customers, it shows that you care and know your customers.  This creates more customer loyalty.  Think about what samples you are giving out – you would not want to give a Platinum (60+) Day Cream to a 30 year old!

AVON Samples – Foundations

This is a biggie for me – as picking the right shade of foundation can be a nightmare.  No matter how good the brochure is, it is so difficult to match the right foundation.  Using samples of different shades is much better than the customer ordering 2-3 different foundations, only for you to have to return the unwanted bottles.  Although AVON does offer a 90 day money back guarantee, why do a return if a simple sample would resolve which foundation is best.


AVON Samples are a great way of boosting your business and your income.

Sarah HenshallEveryone Loves a Free Sample | AVON Samples