Ding Dong It’s a Man | AVON Men

Ding Dong it’s the AVON Men calling

More men are becoming AVON Men and indeed I have my fair share of AVON Men on the team at SarahsReps.  I thought I would share my experiences and insights with you today into the world of AVON Men.


AVON Men – Why Not?

Well it doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, many people want a flexible way to earn cash, whether it be part-time or full-time, an AVON is a great way to earn money.

AVON is an equal opportunity for everyone, no matter what sex you are, what education you have or what experience you have.  Everyone starts as an AVON Representative or AVON Sales Leader with the same business kit and brochures.  This makes it a great opportunity for anyone who is prepared to get “stuck in” and you can really make what you want to from it.

AVON does sell products for both women and men.  However, you do not need to be an expert in kajal sticks or the latest shade of nail polish to be able to sell well and earn great cash from AVON.   (You can always research on the website if you get stuck with what is a kabuki brush!)

SarahsReps Lowdown on AVON Men  

The Top Sales Leader in the UK is a man and there are many AVON Men working either with their partners or on their own with the AVON opportunity.  There are many success stories of AVON Men including my very own AVON Man (Mr. H!)

Many men get involved with AVON via their partners, they start off helping out perhaps with the brochures or boxes…and they soon get the “bug” and become AVON Men!

Sarah HenshallDing Dong It’s a Man | AVON Men