Brochure 2 2012 | AVON Brochure 2

AVON Brochure 2 2012

brochure 2 2012 Brochure 2 2012AVON Brochure 2 – EVERYONE loves a Sale…….especially an AVON Sale.  It is branded as the XL Sale and to be honest I am really excited about getting this brochure out to my customers.  To be honest the deals are so fab I really don’t know where to start (seriously) but I will pick out my favourites for you from AVON brochure 2.

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AVON Brochure 2 Sarah’s Fav Buys

  • Page 50 – Cellu-Sculpt – after the indulgences of Christmas this is a great accompaniment to my new diet that will be started!  It’s HALF PRICE.
  • Page 75 – Blue Escape Nail Polish – this will be my new colour for the New Year. It’s HALF PRICE.
  • Page 111 – Crusade Socks – why not support a great Charity Breast Cancer Crusade whilst getting fit with these lovely socks.
To be honest, there are so many different offers, deals and freebies that the best thing is to have a flick through (either online or ask your own representative) and choose the best deals for you out of AVON brochure 2.

AVON Brochure 2 – Representatives

As an AVON Representative I think it’s important not to miss out on doing AVON campaign 2 as there are fantastic sales to be had. People love to shop and shop for a bargain straight after Christmas.  Also, people are bored at Twixmas (the bit between Christmas and New Year) and they are sitting at home watching re-runs on the TV…..why not have them reading your AVON brochure 2.

Sarah HenshallBrochure 2 2012 | AVON Brochure 2