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Make the Most of Your AVON Website

I love the internet – as it’s 24/7 and I can find out everything I need to know (usually) at a quick click of the mouse.  I don’t do my food shopping on the internet, but I did meet the very lovely Mr Henshall on the internet.  So yes, I love the internet.  I also love running my business online via the AVON website.

Your AVON Website

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Use your AVON Website to manage your business

When you get started with AVON you get an AVON representative website.  This is completely FREE (no hidden charges) and you can do so much on the AVON website.  As well as placing your own order and managing your account – there is lots of online training, videos, sales aids and advice to grow your business and your earnings.

As an AVON Sales Leader you get even better AVON website – with lots of business building features and business tracking tools.  Again, this is completely free and provides you with everything you need to run your AVON business smoothly.

AVON Website – Place Your Order

You can place your order online and it is really simple.  You can save your order as you go along, add favourites and work out how much you are going to earn.  It’s just a case of entering the product codes (the 5 digits) and how many you want of each.

You can also manage your account, do returns and pay online too.  It is 24/7 which means it fits in great with your life.


AVON website – Amazing Offers

There are lots of internet exclusive offers that you can take advantage of – save your customers money and make more money yourself.  Be sure to login to your AVON website to get the latest promotions – and AVON even provide facebook adverts for you to share too.


AVON website – Training

There are loads of how to videos, training, tips and advice online.  It’s great for giving you ideas on how to maximise your profits for your AVON business.  There is so much support online as well as having your sponsor help you as well.

My top bit of advice is to get onto your AVON website and have a play.  Remember you cannot break your AVON website!

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