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My Start as an AVON Sales Leader

I joined AVON as an AVON Representative in late September 2009 – when my twins were just 7 months old.  My 1st campaign as a representative was C15 2009.  I had a week to gather my first order which was around about £200 – from friends, family, local streets and my own order.

Why I started as an AVON Sales Leader

I didn’t want to go back to a full-time job after having the twins, but needs must and I couldn’t afford to be a stay at home mum.   I knew I needed to do something that was flexible, straightforward but also enjoyable too.

My 1st campaign as a Sales Leader was C16 2009 – once I realised I could sell the products easily – I knew that I could show others how to do the same!

My 1st Campaign as an AVON Sales Leader

I didn’t feel too comfortable approaching my friends & family to join at the start.  (I am being totally honest here) So, I decided that I would find people who I didn’t know already to come and join my team.  I started off by doing some leaflets and posters, to start getting my name out there.

In my first campaign C16 2009, I only had 3 qualifiying orders. This meant that I didn’t qualify as an AVON Sales Leader BUT I did get paid £30 in the Fast Start Bonuses which were around at the time.

My 2nd Campaign as an AVON Sales Leader

In the very next campaign (C17) I found a few more people……and all of a sudden I was a Qualifying AVON Sales Leader…and I earned £99.54 commission (and at the time there was a further £50 bonus- Now it’s £100 for doing the same)

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qualifying Start as a Sales Leader

THIS IS JUST MY TEAM COMMISSIONS (not my Retail income) and is for a 3 week campaign.

  • I had 20 people placing qualifying orders
  • Group Sales of £4,205
  • LOA1 Orders (1st orders) in C17 – 17
  • Personal Sales of £227.24
  • The average order of my brand new team was £198.91

AVON Sales Leader – What I did to get started?

  1. I treated my first campaign as a bit of a practice…..and didn’t really worry that I didn’t quite get there.  Of course I was annoyed with myself, but I just brushed myself down and got busy – determined to succeed next time.
  2. Leaflets…..I made my own on my printer and just went around the local terraces with my double buggy (as it was easier than going through gates and drives)  I didn’t know what expired brochures were at that point….just a simple “earn extra income – Call Sarah” leaflet is what I made.  I spoke to people in the street as I was popping the leaflets out.
  3. Popped posters up in local noticeboards and placed adverts in shops
  4. Asked my friends & family for referrals – asking them if they knew anyone or whether they could take some leaflets for me.
I just shared my enthusiasm and excitement with the representatives that I started.  I didn’t know all the answers or really what I was doing I guess…I just got stuck in and showed them how to get sales and told them how to place their orders.   The key was finding people – then getting them started selling….I figured that the rest would all work itself out later.  (which it did)

I now have a training system – training manual, website and videos exclusively for my team – where I share what works with them.

AVON Sales Leader – where am I now?

Two years into my journey into Sales Leadership, my business has gone from strength to strength.  I now have well over 200 representatives on the team and many AVON Sales Leaders.  It fits in perfectly with my homelife and looking after my now toddler twins – I also earn great cash, which is increasing as my team increases.

If you are interested more in my story and what I have done – please do get in touch as I am happy to share with you. For me becoming an AVON Sales Leader was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Sarah HenshallStart as a Sales Leader | AVON Sales Leader