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How to do an AVON Party

party PartyMany of my AVON Representatives ask me about how to do an AVON Party – they want to increase their sales (and make more money) as well as have fun at the same time.  Here are my SarahsReps top tips on how to do an AVON Party.

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Why Do An AVON Party?

More Sales = More Earnings.

Well it’s a great way of getting to know existing customers as well as a fantastic opportunity to meet and find new AVON customers.  People love seeing, smelling, touching, looking and feeling products – and by having a party it is a great way to make the AVON products come alive.

Where To Start with Organising an AVON Party

There are no hard and fast rules, but here are some basics on what you need to consider when organising your AVON Party.  Also, bear in mind, the hardest time will be the first time.  Once you’ve had a go at one, the next one will be a doddle.

Where to hold my AVON Party?

Have the AVON party either in your own house, a friend’s house or a customer’s house.  If you are holding it at someone else’s house, offer them a hostess gift to say thank you (something out of the AVON brochure) or offer your hostess 15% of total sales in AVON products to spend out of the brochure.

What about Invitations to the AVON Party?

This can either be word of mouth or get some simple invitations printed.  It is always worth over-inviting people – as you will find that not everyone can make it.  Depending on your customers, an afternoon or an evening may work well as a suitable time for the AVON Party.  Invite people no more than a week before the party.

What do I need for my AVON Party?

A Selection of AVON products – don’t go overboard, but a range of products that your customers will like and appreciate.  They don’t need to be all full sized products, sometimes samples work really well.  Demonstrating AVON products is a good way of showing off products.  If you are doing a “themed party” – such as Christmas, Feet, Nails – you can tailor your party products to it.

Lots of AVON Brochures, Order Forms and Pens – this is so your customers can write out their orders at the Party.

Light Refreshments – tea/coffee or wine (if in evening) and perhaps a few nibbles but nothing major.

Other things to Consider with an AVON Party

  • You can do Party Games if you wish – we have lots of ideas on fun ways of people engaging with the products.
  • Do a promotion – where anyone who spends £10 on the night gets a free gift.
  • Offer a Free Gift for anyone who books another AVON party on the night.
  • Wear AVON Products yourself on the day – you are your own best AVON Advert.
  • Give everyone a “goodie” bag to leave with – an AVON plastic bag – with a brochure, order forms, your business card and a few samples.

This is a really simple outline to how to do an AVON Party.  Of course, if you have any questions, just ask.  I think my best bit of advice is to give an AVON party a go and see what happens!

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