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How much are the AVON brochures?

This is such a common question I get asked by people when they are finding out or just starting with AVON.  It is a really great question to ask, as it is important that you know how much the AVON brochures are and you understand exactly how it all works.

Your Starter AVON brochures

The first two sets of AVON brochures are given to you absolutely free when you join AVON.  This is to give you the very best possible chance at success at the start.  This means that you will be given 20 brochures for your 1st campaign (3 weekly cycle) and 20 brochures for your 2nd campaign.

  • Get your  brochures out to as many different people as you can before your order is due (leave the brochure just a couple of days when you 1st start)
  • Establish your customers by using your initial brochures – this means that once you’ve started paying for brochures you are minimising any losses.
  • Use last time’s AVON brochures (previous campaign) again to gain further customers.
  • Once you’re ready to place your first order – I recommend that you order the AVON brochures for your 3rd campaign so you have them in advance.

How Much are the AVON Brochures

The AVON brochures are ordered when you place your main order.  You order them in packs of 5 brochures.  The more you order – the cheaper they are as well.

Once you’ve ordered over 15 brochures – the brochure packs work out at 50p per 5 - that’s just 10p for an AVON brochure.

Table for the Cost of AVON Brochures

brochurechart 300x279 How much are the brochures?Remember that buying AVON brochures is the key to earning more money with AVON – provided that you use the brochures and show them to as many people as you possibly can.  It is possible to get your AVON brochures out at least 3-5 times during a campaign, so you can cover lots of potential customers.

Also, as I said before, you can always back order from last time’s brochure, which makes your brochures go even further and this is a great way to gain new customers.

If you need a hand working out how many AVON brochures you should order, just ask.

Sarah HenshallHow much are the brochures? | AVON Brochures