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How AVON Works

How AVON works is actually quite straightforward.  As a Representative you have a number of ways in which you can sell AVON – whether it be to Friends, Family, In Work or locally in your area.

When I go out to see new Representatives, I explain the cycle of Success which illustrates how AVON works.

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AVON Cycle of Success

How AVON Works – Step by Step

Drop Your Brochures – either to people you already know or people in your local set area.  Pop an order form (or two) in each brochure.

Pick up Your Brochures – a few days later go and collect the brochures from the people you left the brochure with.

Repeat as Many Times – basically get your brochures out to as many people as you can before your order is due.

Place your Order – you will be given your ordering day so make sure your orders are all in before then.  Place your order on the internet on your AVON website.

Bag Up – Deliver & Collect money – you will get your AVON order a few days later so you just pop the deliveries out to your customers and collect the cash in.

Pay Bill & Pay Yourself – you will get an invoice in your AVON delivery which highlights how much you owe AVON and how much you’ve made yourself.  Simply pay AVON their share at the Post Office (with the Giroslip) or online with a debit card and the balance of the money you’ve collected from your customers keep yourself.

When we come out to get you started with AVON we will show you the best ways to gather orders, organise yourself and make the most out of the AVON opportunity.

How AVON works – Questions

We will answer all questions when you get started, but here are the top 3  frequently asked questions I get asked about how AVON works.  We are more than happy to answer any questions you have and will help you when you do get started.

Q.  How much do I pay to get started?

A. Nothing upfront to pay.  You will get a free starter pack and your first two sets of brochures (20 brochures for your 1st campaign and 20 brochures for your 2nd campaign) free.  There is a £16 admin fee which is applied to your 1st invoice at £10 and on your 2nd invoice £6.

Q. How much do I earn?

A. If you sell over £80 you qualify for 20% discount.  If you sell over £150 you qualify for 25% discount.   As soon as you have done your customer deliveries you pay AVON their share and you keep the rest as your earnings.

Q. Can I return products?

A. Yes you can return products, even if they are used.  You simply apply for a credit on your AVON account and return the product for free with your next delivery.   Special terms apply to certain products – these are clearly indicated in the brochure.  The AVON guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights.

My advice is to Keep It Simple Sarah on How AVON Works – because AVON does work.

Sarah HenshallHow it Works | How AVON works