Home Based Work

Home Based Work

mummyathome Home Based WorkUntil being pregnant with my children, I had always gone to work since leaving University.  I took my work and career really seriously and at the time absolutely loved my career as a Management Accountant.  I was lucky as I worked for some really great FTSE 100 Blue Chip companies in the UK.   It was high pressure, long hours but the rewards both financial and job satisfaction really ticked my boxes.  Play and Work hard.

Then I got pregnant with twins…and it all changed from there really.

Why Home Based Work?

I didn’t want to have to have that difficult responsibility of juggling work with raising a brand new family.  I didn’t want to have the guilt of not spending enough time with my new family nor spending enough time at work to do a great job.  I didn’t want to have to rush off first thing in the morning and only see my children for half an hour in the evening before bed.  Equally, I have a mortgage, bills and financial responsibilities and I needed money coming into the house.  Besides, I wanted to do something for me too.

For me, the option of Home Based Work was ideal – the best of both worlds.  Idealistic, perhaps?  Achievable, definitely.

Home Based Work around Little Ones?

Yes, it’s chaos.  I won’t lie to you – we have a large ironing pile.   It is possible do home based work around little ones.  Admittedly it was easier when they were just babies, now they are toddlers it’s a case of adapting and going with the flow.  The key is to be organised and focused and know what the priorities are.

When doing Home Based Work you have to do something that you enjoy or love to do.  This is because even though you can try to keep it “separate” it is part of your life and lifestyle.  It is important to have clear family/work time, but lets be honest that dividing line does get blurred when you do home based work.

Some Benefits of Home Based Work for Me

  • No Commute – I do not miss the M6 in rush hour at all
  • Flexibility in when and how I work – if I want to wear my PJs in my office I will – if it’s sunny I will call “park-time” with the twins.
  • No boss to ask for time off – having the freedom to set my own schedules

Some Drawbacks of Home Based Work for Me

It would be wrong for me to paint a completely rosy picture….I am being totally honest

  • Distractions – if I don’t work I don’t earn money so I have to stay focused and not get distraction by nice weather, facebook or other distractions.
  • Friends & Family think because I do Home Based Work  I do nothing all day every day and can drop everything just like that.

Home Based Work – For Me

I do sometimes miss working in an office – the tea room gossip mainly.  However, I don’t think I could go back to a normal “9-5″ job now.  I love home based work and the freedom and flexibility it gives me.

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