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intensive Getting Your Skin Ready for the Cold WeatherJust like we have an Autumn/Winter wardrobe of clothes and shoes, it’s equally important to adjust your skin care routine to the cold weather too.   For me, the AVON Care range of products are perfect for the “Cold Season.” It is an inexpensive range of products which really do the job.  You will find the AVON Care range in most of the brochures, if not, just ask your Independent AVON Representative.

AVON Care – Face

Skin does get drier in the cold weather and this means that you need to have a look at your moisturising routine and you may find that you need a more intensive cream.  This is because the air is a lot drier and cooler which may lead to your skin tightening up and feeling uncomfortable.

AVON Care Personal Recommendation

Personally I recommend the AVON Care Intensive Moisture Face Cream.  This rich, nourishing cream provides intense moistursation to extremely dry, chapped skin. It helps skin to look healthier* and , with regular use, to stay moisturised even if you skip a day.**

There are lots of other face creams in the AVON Care range – including a light moisture and a renewing moisture firming face cream.

*Clinical Study, 34 people.
**Consumer Study, 73 people

AVON Care – Lips

I find I get chapped lips when I am out and about in the winter months.  This can be really painful and sore.  I absolutely love the AVON Care Nourishing Repairing Lip Balm with Shea butter and vitamin complex.  The thing I find with lip balm is just remembering to put it on regularly as a preventative measure.

AVON Care – Hands

I also suffer from cracked skin and chapping on my hands when it is really cold outside and I’m not wearing gloves.  Again, the AVON Care range has a number of hand creams – my favourite being the Intensive Moisture Hand Cream containing Pro-vitamin B5 and Rice Bran Oil.

A top tip from me, keep a spare hand cream on your desk at work or in your handbag.  Remember to apply hand cream after washing your hands. (as they dry out after using the soap)

AVON Care – Body

There are 4 different types of body lotions – Firming, Nourishing, Smoothing and Intensive.  They come in 400ml bottles – which means there is loads to last you.  I always apply after having a shower and just before bed.


Have a think about your own skin care routine – do you adjust it for the cold weather?  Next time you get the AVON Brochure or speak to your AVON Representative – why not have a look at the AVON Care range.

Sarah HenshallGetting Your Skin Ready for the Cold Weather | AVON Care