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AVON Sun Cream Saves the Day

suncream 291x300 Dont Forget the Sun Cream in OctoberWow, I had just about given up on Summer and any chance of warmth for 2011.  I had even started to pack away all our shorts and t-shirts for another year.  Just as well I didn’t pack away the AVON Sun Cream.

I love using the AVON Sun Cream as I can get it in an easy spray bottle, comes in the SPFs that we use and really very affordable.

After a quick few squirts we were ready for action in the back garden.  Luckily I hadn’t packed away the paddling pool. (that was next week’s job)  It is really nice that I have the option and the freedom of being a work from home mum to two little ones.  This means when opportunities arise, like the sunny weather, we can just enjoy them as a family without asking a boss for time off!

AVON Sun top tip for Representatives

As an AVON Representative myself, I always stock a couple of bottles of AVON Sun Cream, just in case one of my customers needs it for a last minute holiday.  Also, it is handy for those people who go away in the Winter months and the AVON Sun Cream isn’t always in the brochure or on AVON Shop.  This means you can offer great service to your customers.

Don’t stockpile loads, but if you know that a customer is going away in the Autumn/Winter or even if you are, it may be worth getting a few bottles in.  Also, when you are talking to your customers and they happen to mention they are going on holiday, let them know that you have some AVON Suncream for sale.

If you do decide to take this tip on board, look out for the great deals that are in the AVON brochure and representative only magazine at the end of “summer season” where you can get some really fantastic prices on suncream.

AVON Sun Staying Safe

I had previously blogged about AVON Suncream with tips for staying safe in the sun. It is such an important topic and something to take seriously, even in the UK which is not known for it’s hot weather all year around.

So, enjoy what is left of this last hurrah to Summer, and remember the AVON Sun Cream!


Sarah HenshallDon’t Forget the Sun Cream in October | AVON Sun