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How to Budget For Christmas with the AVON Christmas Catalogues

4 280x300 Christmas CataloguesChristmas is coming, and you want to be able to budget and get the best deals out there.  Not only do you want to get the best prices but you also want to be able to spread the cost and budget across the next few weeks.  Here is my top tips on how to budget for Christmas with the AVON Christmas Catalogues.

My top advice is to pick the products you want from the different AVON Christmas Catalogues now – and then spread this across the next few weeks and orders.

Have a good browse through the online AVON Christmas Catalogues (links below) or ask your AVON Representative for a sneak peak into the next few campaigns (if they have the brochures) so that you can plan your spends.  If you are anything from me your eyes will be bigger than your purse!

Remember:  You only pay for your AVON Products when the goods are delivered.

How the AVON Christmas Catalogues Work

With AVON we usually get a new catalogue every 3 weeks (at Christmas there will be two occassions when it’s at a 2 week interval)  so there are always fresh offers, new products and different deals on.  You can always backorder from the previous catalogue too, if you missed your ordering or wanted something from it.

Depending on where you live in the country, your AVON Representative will have a different ordering and delivery day.  You will need to check with your AVON Representative when they need your orders in by.

AVON Christmas Catalogues

These are all the AVON Christmas Catalogues which have deliveries to the AVON Representatives before Christmas day.

Ask your AVON Representative which brochure they are currently operating and check their ordering/delivery dates so you can plan your money and present buying.

So enjoy looking and shopping with the AVON Christmas Catalogues.

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