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AVON Brochure 18

brochure18 Brochure 18 AVON Brochure 18 is devoted to AVON Christmas….you wouldn’t expect anything less.  AVON have been making Christmas magical for 125 years – there are loads of gorgeous gifts for everyone at amazing prices.  It is so difficult to know where to start, what I do know is that all deliveries from this brochure are well in time for Christmas.

My top tip:  Don’t just take my word for it – have a look yourself!

AVON Brochure 18 – Sarah’s Top Buys

This is really difficult so I am going to pick on my favourite 5 New into AVON Brochure 18 products.

  • Page 142 – Hair Scrunchies – Ladies’ faux-hair scrunchie (available in Mid Blonde or Mid Brown)
  • Page 114 – Gift For Girls Nail Sticker Gift Set – cool beauty accessories, perfect for every gorgeous girl
  • Page 127 – Spiced Cranberry & Orange Bubble Bath – really Christmasy
  • Page 124 – Winter Delight Warm & Fruity Shower Gel
  • Page 111 – Dotty Children’s Necklace & Bracelet – adorable, sparkling and cute

AVON Brochure 18 – What Else Is Happening

In AVON Brochure 18 there are loads of promotions, gift sets and freebies.  Here again are my favourite 5 things…..

  1. Get Magical Christmas Gift Set FREE when you spend £12 or more on make-up OR fragrance pages 174-233 and back cover.   The FREE Gift Set includes: SuperEnchant Mascara in Black, Glazewear Sparkle Lip Gloss in Shimmering Amethyst and Eternal magical Purse Spray EDT 30ml.  This is worth £21.50 based on normal brochure price.
  2. FREE Shampoo & Conditioner when you buy any Hair Colour on Pages 140-141.
  3. Order a Digital Camera (Childrens Cute Carriage Design or Cool Race Car Design) for just £10 when you spend £10 or more across the gifts for kids section pages 104-119.  Full Price the camera is £30.
  4. Mix & Match across P128-129 – 3 for £3 on Naturals Range (Shower Gels, Body Whip, Body Lotion, Room & Linen Sprays) and on Kids Bath & Shower.
  5. Mix & Match on P130 – 131 – 4 for £5 on Daily Essentials for Him and the Skin So Soft products.

AVON Brochure 18 – Online

Click Online Brochure to get the electronic version.  If you would like to buy anything please order with your own independent representative or get in touch and our team will be happy to help.  So have fun and enjoy AVON Brochure 18.

Sarah HenshallBrochure 18 | AVON Brochure 18