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My Book Recommendations Starting an AVON Business

I am a bit of a book nerd when it comes to “how to” books and perhaps the odd chick-lit. Seriously, I believe that it is important to study – and what you study you become.  With that in mind, I’ve got a few book recommendations for you when you are starting an AVON business.

Personally I’d never recommend something that I’d never read and got benefit from.  I do recognise we’re all different – so if you are not a great reader why not try an audio book instead.  You can always listen to it in your car as you are going along.  Reading alone is not going to build you a huge AVON business, but it will help you along the way.

My top 3 Network Marketing Books for your AVON business

The Network Coach – Ed Ludbrook

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Me & Tony with Ed Ludbrook

This is brilliant – he talks about how to be a great coach and how to build a business which duplicates and gives you a fantastic income.   It’s not full of hype but real practical ideas on how to build a great business.

I have had the personally honour of having a private breakfast session with Ed along with attending one of his personal 100% Success Courses (where I was accredited as a 100% coach) He is a native Kiwi (New Zealander) who has spent loads of time in the UK – he is awesome.

MLM Nuts and Bolts – Jan Ruhe

Again this is written by a true expert, Jan Ruhe, who grew a massive network in the USA.  Her book not only details her own success story but gives you real practical insights, tips and ideas to implement straight into your own AVON business.  It’s a really accessible read but packed full of real content.

The Slight Edge – Jeff Olson

This is all about the little things that day by day add up to something great.  It’s all about creating daily success habits that over time make you successful.  Just like you don’t get fat or wealthy overnight – this book talks about how what we choose to do every day has an impact over our lives.  It’s really thought provoking.  Imagine your AVON business, if you just chose to speak to 3 people EVERY day what difference that would make to your overall AVON business a year later.  (1,095 you’ve shared the opportunity with in a year!)

Other Books that help my AVON Business

I have many more books in my bookcase which help me with my AVON business.  From time management to people skills.  I really recommend that you start to look at reading some industry books to help you grow your AVON business.


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