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How to Pay AVON and Pay Yourself

How to Pay AVON and YOURSELF is really simple and straightforward.  Just follow these simple steps and you’ll have no problems.

When you get your AVON delivery you will have a printed INVOICE in your box.  (the box will have inv. enc printed on it’s side)

  • It will breakdown your order – with how much the customer price is and how much commission you have made.
  •  It will tell you how much you have made and how much you need to pay AVON.
  • You simply deliver out the products to the customers and they pay you cash on delivery of the products.
  • You then pay AVON their share and keep the rest as your earnings.
If you think that there is something not right with either your delivery or invoice, contact AVON straight away by ringing 0333 234 5000.  They will be able to look at your account and advise you accordingly.

How to Pay AVON – when you’ve collected your money in

Once you’ve collected your money in from the customers you have 3 different ways on how to pay AVON.

  • At the Post Office using a Giro Slip (provided on  your invoice)
  • Using your debit card on your AVON website  (you bank the money – and pay from your account)
  • Using your debit card over the phone to AVON Head Office (you bank the money – and pay from your account)

How to Pay AVON – things to consider

There are a few things you may want to consider when choosing how to pay AVON.
  • If you pay on your debit card – how quickly will the money get banked and will it clear in time.
  • You must ensure that you pay AVON well in advance of your next order going on to ensure the money gets to AVON on time.  Your next order will not be released unless you have paid for your last order.
  • Have you got any returns to process as when you process these online your balance owing to AVON will reduce (as you well send the products back when the delivery van next comes)

Points to Note 

Remember to take account of anything you have brought for yourself or your AVON business – as you will need to put this money in too.  This is things like your AVON brochures, Business Supplies, Demonstration Products and things for your own personal use.  Also, some items are sold at a fixed discount and a list is found in your Representative Magazine.

Sarah’s Top Tip:  Write out your own order form – so you know how much you’ve spent yourself and how much you personally owe AVON.

All your items are fully itemised so you can see exactly how much money you should be collecting in from your customers and how much you have to pay AVON and how much you have earned yourself!

I hope this has helped about the options available on how to pay AVON.

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