Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuck

I wrote a book review last year on a social networking forum on Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuck. I thought I would share it with my blog readers here.  I have found the book to be a great inspiration and help with my blogging and social media strategy.  I thought I would share what I got from reading (and listening to the audio) and re-reading  it.

I am of a generation where we didn’t have to worry about social media.  We didn’t have Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Google+ etc.  Everything I have learnt is self-taught, through reading books, researching online, listening to audios and learning from others.  I am not a social media guru or expert by any stretch.  I just have done a bit of research and gone off recommendations from others.

I did originally write this work back in September 2010 on a social networking forum and these are my own words below – in case you see any duplicate content on any other website where I am not fully credited as the author.

Someone has recommended the book “Crush It” by  Gary Vaynerchuk – this talks in a very non-techie way about social media and branding yourself.

As a mini synopsis type thing……of Crush it

Gary has 3 simple rules:

  • Love your family
  • Work superhard
  • Live your passion

Fairly easy non-hyped philosophies/mantras to live life to.

He then explains all of it (social media bits) and at the end provides a checklist  as follows (not to the letter but a general gist) :-

1. Identify your passion – well that’s a nobrainer for us all laugh How to CRUSH IT

2.  Make sure you can think of at least 50 things to say about your passion that is unique/interesting – again not hard

3.  Name your brand and make sure you “own” it

4.  Get yourself connected up via blogging, facebook, twitter etc. etc.

5.  Get out there – and start contributing to the “Online community”

6.  Keep doing it and doing it and doing it

I’ve shortened it massively, but he takes you through step by step what you need to do and how to do it.

I have been working through the steps in the book to get me up and running.  It really doesn’t matter what industry or hobby or career you have – all these principles can be applied to whatever you do.  So get out there and CRUSH IT!

Sarah HenshallHow to CRUSH IT