How to Be A Representative | how to be an AVON representative

How to Be An AVON Representative

companyforwomen logo 300x98 How to Be A RepresentativeIf you are asking this question – you have probably already had the idea of wanting to be an AVON representative.  It is a flexible way of earning extra income and is really simple to start.

I thought I would share the common questions that come up on how to be an AVON Representative.  This way you can make a more informed decision.  If you do have more questions on how to be an AVON representative, do get in touch.

How to Be An AVON Representative in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Fill in the form on the right hand side or ring 0800 118 5411.
  2. We will be in touch to arrange an informal appointment to get you started – which takes about 30-40 minutes.
  3. We will register you online and give you the 1st two sets of brochures to get started and all the info you need to get off to the best start.

How to Be An AVON Representative – FAQs

These are the top Frequently Asked Questions that I get asked by prospective representatives on How to Be An AVON Representative.

Q.  How Much does it Cost to be an AVON representative?

A. There is no cash outlay, just an admin fee of £15 split £7.50 across your 1st two invoices and is applied to your invoice.  If you don’t place an order you don’t pay the admin fee.  This means you can try it out for free.  Also, you can cancel within 14 days and get any money back.

Q.  Do I have to go door-to-door as an AVON representative?

A. No, you don’t have to.  Many Representatives sell to friends, family, in work or socially. You do have the option of having an exclusive territory close to home if you want.  You have the choice of how you sell AVON and we work with you and give you ideas about maximising your sales for your preferred method of selling.

Q.  How Do I get paid as an AVON representative?

A.  We place orders every 3 weeks. (called campaigns) As soon as you receive your AVON order, you deliver it out to your customers.  Your customers pay you – you then pay AVON their share and keep the rest of the money in cash.  You pay AVON either at the Post Office or with your debit card online or over the phone.

If you sell over £78 – 20% discount and if you sell over £148 – 25% discount.

Q.  How much does it cost to run my AVON business?

After your first two campaigns, you need to buy your own brochures.  The more brochures you order – the cheaper they are.  Once you’ve ordered over 15 brochures, the cost of a pack of 5 brochures is just 50p (10p per brochure)  We can recommend how many brochures you should purchase depending on your method of selling.  There is also a free electronic brochure available too.

  • 5 brochures cost £3.15
  • 10 brochures cost £4.22
  • 15 brochures cost £4.86
  • 20 brochures costs £5.36
  • 25 brochures cost £5.86
  • 30 brochures cost £6.36

You may also want to buy the paper bags to pop your orders in – these are inexpensive ranging from 40p-99p for 50 bags depending on size.

Order forms and some other stationary are completely free.  There is no charge for your AVON website.  You can buy other business tools if you wish, but this is not compulsory.

Q.  Can I return a used AVON product?

A. If you or your customer is not 100% happy with your product, simply return it within 90 days for a refund or exchange – even if you have tried it.  Special terms do apply to certain products – which are clearly indicated in the brochures. (e.g. underwear, pierced earings etc) As an AVON representative you can return products simply and free-of-charge.  The returns procedure is explained fully and is simple.

 How to Be An AVON Representative – More Questions

There may be more questions you have on how to be an AVON representative.  Please do get in touch as we will be able to answer your questions, at no obligation.  You can either fill in the form on the right hand side or ring us on 0800 118 5411.

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